Whether you are struggling from alcoholism or addiction to drugs like heroin, cocaine, MDMA (Ecstasy), marijuana (cannabis), prescription drugs or even gambling, choosing the right rehab center will play a major role in your recovery.

Some rehabs do better at helping clients reach their sobriety goals than others. This is why you need to evaluate your options carefully and choose a top-rated rehabilitation center that’s best for you.


Every rehab facility is unique and so is every addict. What works for one client may not exactly work for another. Every center comes with different specialties and treatment programs, just as every individual addict has different sets of circumstances and addictions.

This is why it is important to discuss the treatment options available with an addiction treatment specialist in order to be able to choose that best treatment that suits your needs. That said, you will find certain common characteristics in top-notch addiction facilities.

1. The Right Specialties

Most treatment centers specialize in treating a certain set of addictions while others specialize in multiple types of addictions. Even those facility centers offering multiple specialties are often more successful in treating certain addictions than others.

To ensure success, pick a center that has a high success rate in treating the type of addiction you have. This is even more so if you are looking for extensive detox treatments.

2. High Rate of Success

This is certainly the most reliable indicator of a top-notch alcohol and drug rehab center. Typically the centers with a high success rate will have a high rating. But there are two vital caveats.

First, make sure that the facility defines exactly what it is that they consider as success. This could be the percentage of patients who manage to complete the entire program, percentage of clients who were sober for 6 months or a year, etc. Second, the rate of success is also determined by the kind of specialty they offer. For instance, a center specializing in moderate alcoholism will have a higher rate of success than another that is specialized in heroin or prescription drugs addiction among veterans with PTSD.

3. Addressing Underlying Issues

Most people get into addiction because of underlying issues. If these issues, especially related to their mental health are not addressed during the time of treatment, it will cause problems or even stunt recovery.

It is most likely for a recovering addict with unresolved underlying issues to relapse. The best rehabs will focus on taking care of dual diagnosis conditions in order to get to the root of the problem.

4. Comprehensive One-on-one Therapies

Therapy is of different types, and each individual will respond better to different therapies. Many also see better results when they undergo multiple therapies at once so that they can address different problems from different perspectives.

High-end rehabs are known for offering comprehensive options on therapy. If you’re lucky, you will get free consulting and support services like our Marbella rehab center.

A lot of treatment centers also provide group therapy sessions and they can be incredibly helpful to many clients, but you can’t rule out the importance of one-on-one counseling with therapists. It allows for effective individual treatment and also enables patients to let out their feelings and suppressed memories that would otherwise be difficult for them to share in group settings.

Here are some popular therapies:

  • Biofeedback therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Therapy based on faith
  • Experiential therapy
  • Therapy on holistic improvement

5. Focus on Family

Addiction impacts the entire family and so should rehab. Family plays a critical role in helping recovering addicts to maintain his/her sobriety after coming out of the treatment center. Another primary reason why addicts attend treatment centers is to prevent causing harm to their loved ones.

For this and many more reasons, some of the best treatment centers involve family members in their program as well. Many programs give importance to family visits although some addicts need to stay in seclusion for a certain duration of the treatment, especially during a detox period. Programs should offer at least an extensive support and educational resources for family and loved ones.

6. Accredited and Dedicated Staff

If you are not an outpatient, you interact the most with the staff at the treatment facility. They are the ones who will be assisting you on as you start your journey on sobriety. The key behind the success of top-notch treatment facilities is that they have top-notch staffs.

You can easily assess the quality of a facility’s staff by finding out their accreditation level. For instance are the staffs all registered nurses? Find out the number of physicians on the staff and how they take part in the treatment process. Sure accreditation does not always guarantee the competence of staff, but this is a pretty good start.

7. Expertise in Leadership

It takes the best team of leadership to make the best treatment facility. It is vital for the professionals taking care of a treatment facility to be well versed with all the different types of addictions and the recovery. All decisions and programs of the facility should also be based on medical evidence and scientific study. It will not only increase the likelihood of patients attending sobriety and maintaining them, but will also make it safe when undergoing such dangerous phases as alcohol detox for example. There are certain treatment experts who recommend that addicts should attend only those facilities that are headed by doctorate degree holders or a degree in masters.


1. On-going Support Post Treatment

Recovery does not end with the program at the treatment facility. For most addicts and alcoholics, staying sober is a lifelong journey, and it is difficult and not possible to be taken alone. A lot of addicts in recovery find it easier keep up their sobriety if they have on-going, extensive support.

High-end treatment facilities understand this and include it in their programs. Different facilities will have different support options, but some common programs include post-treatment programs, providing ongoing information, therapy, and ongoing counsel, and 12 step programs.

2. Nutrition and Exercise

Nutrition and exercise are two important elements in recovery. It’s a known fact that addicts neglect their physical health for obvious reasons. By going through these processes, they are able to fix the damage done to their body. More importantly, it helps them feel much better naturally and do not go looking for it in damaging substances like cocaine or marijuana (cannabis).

Good nutrition and proper exercise can also help a recovering addict to focus their mind and their body feeling strong and healthy which further makes it easier for them to stay sober. The best facility centers take these into account and feature healthy menus and exercise options.

3. Programs Based on Evidence

There is an endless list of treatment methods for addiction, but not all are based off of medical and scientific evidence. Such programs may not really be successful and in most cases may even make it harder to overcome the addiction.

Make sure you examine a treatment program critically and ask questions. Evidence-based programs will normally be based on the latest medical and scientific findings of treatment and addiction. These are often combined with traditional treatments like acupuncture and yoga which have a proven track record of success. Any top-notch treatment facility will be constantly in touch with the latest findings and improving their treatments based on the latest evidence coupled with their own successes.

4. Top-notch Amenities

Good treatment facilities normally have high-end amenities. Most clients join the treatment programs reluctantly (maybe voluntarily but still reluctantly) and crappy amenities may make them have second thoughts about continuing the program.

There is an incredibly broad variety of amenities that can be offered at alcohol and drug rehab centers. They may range from wacky ideas like full fledged cattle ranches to beautiful skyline views.

Luxury doesn’t always translate to the best so clients should not be intimidated to approach a facility that offers amenities that they prefer. Even affordable facilities offer high-end amenities although with fewer options. Amenities are important because it helps in the process of treatment as it makes clients feel comfortable and at ease during their time there.


Alcoholism and addiction are terrible. If you or a loved one is struggling to stay sober, you can’t afford to lose even one minute. Find a dedicated treatment facility that suits you or your loved one’s needs. There are so many options today, and it shouldn’t be a problem. You can also find a rehab specialist and talk to them about your concerns.