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We offer drug, alcohol, prescription drugs rehab, eating disorder and psychiatric treatment in Thailand.

Our drug rehab centers in Thailand offers addiction treatment at luxury resorts. We are one of the best, most luxurious and high end clinics of this type in Thailand.

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What You Need to Know

Rehab Like Nowhere Else

Located in the sunny tropical country of Thailand, you’ll experience one of the most sensational time of your life. It’s a rehab like no other. You are not going to be surrounded by walls and hospital staff members. Instead, you’ll feel like you are on a luxurious vacation. We want to make your stay as enchanting and as pleasant as possible and the exotic location of Thailand is perfect for doing just that.

Being a part of our luxury rehab and detox center in Thailand is not just an aesthetic experience but it will help you heal faster. You’ll have all the amenities and facilities you’ll require, ensuring that you fully devote yourself to your recovery process. The stunning kingdom of Thailand has so much to offer to you and we can’t wait for you to join us. 

An Entire Team Focused On You

We maintain an entire team of professionals that’ll be devoted to you. We are nothing like other rehab centers where their clinical team is available for a limited period. We leave no stone unturned in caring for you. Our expert and caring team will be there for you every second of the day. They’ll make sure that you will be our only focus! How do we do this? We take just one client at a time so that we can fully concentrate on their healing and make sure they are provided with everything they need. 

Your client and therapist will spend no less than 10 hours every single day in the impeccable Thailand resort to assist you with anything you need. Not just that but you’ll be provided expert sessions every single day on a private office consisting of three formal and structured sessions. ‘You’ are our utmost priority. 

Confidential Setting

Worried someone will find out? That’s not possible with lux rehabs Thailand. We put in place every possible measure to ensure that not even a single word is leaked about your stint. From the day you call us to the day you leave; everything is 100% confidential and secure. To everybody, we will appear like regular guests. You’ll enjoy state-of-the-art amenities and facilities of our luxurious Thailand resort while going through a life-changing experience. We understand privacy is your priority when you look for a resort. You might be paranoid about people finding out and as a result, it’ll hinder your recovery process. That’s why we make sure that 100% privacy is at the top of our agenda at Lux rehabs Thailand. Just relax and enjoy the experience, leave your worries behind and put your trust in Lux Rehabs Thailand. 

Bio-Molecular Nutrition

Lux Rehabs Thailand is infamous for serving the most exquisite and exotic cuisines you can find. And of course, they are 100% nutritional. Your recovery journey will benefit immensely from our bio-molecular and genetic nutrition plan. This plan includes precise and intricate DNA testing to ensure that it helps in restoring the biochemical and neurochemical imbalances that you might be experiencing. This plan is a significant element of our recovery program and ensures that you’re on the right track to recovery. You don’t have to put up with yucky hospital-like food that’s served in most rehabs. Not only is it delicious but packed with nutrition that’ll help you recover as soon as possible. From treatments to diets, we deliver results!

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Bespoke Treatment Program

We are not like other rehab centers that make you feel there’s something wrong with you. Our program does not involve isolating you and making you feel like you are in solitary confinement to help eliminate your problems. Instead, our program allows you to coexist with challenges and temptations so that after you leave us, you’ll not be tempted by them again. We understand your journey. We know you’ll encounter your temptations in your environment again so we prepare you to deal with them head-on. This is another factor that makes us miles ahead of other rehab centers. We ensure that the transformation is inside out. Just a single stint in our luxurious rehab center in Thailand is equivalent to three months in a traditional clinic. With us, you receive value for every single dollar you spend on us. 

We Are Licensed Clinicians

Our facilities and treatment programs are more advanced and completely different than what you’ll find in traditional clinics but we do have one thing in common: We are fully accredited and licensed addiction treatment specialists. Only expert hands will be taking care of you. You have nothing to worry about; rest assured, you are in qualified and caring hands. You don’t have to worry about privacy either, no one is going to have a hint about what’s going on. Just relax and enjoy your time in the kingdom of smiles. 

The Best Thailand Has To Offer

We are the best luxury rehab center in Thailand and arguably in the world, no questions asked! We are not an ordinary rehab center but an extraordinary resort-like rehab that no other rehab can reach up to. We continuously strive to meet the highest demands of our esteemed clients from across the world. You’ll find no rehab center like ours. It's truly one of a kind. 

Our Clientele

We have a diverse group of clients from across the globe with very high demands just like yours. For them, ‘good’ is not good enough. They only want the most exceptional experience that money can offer. They come to us for the same reasons as you - the best treatment programs and facilities available. We don’t find it a chore fulfilling our clients’ needs, in fact, we love doing what we do. The highest demands push us to challenge ourselves even more. If you are unsatisfied by conventional rehab programs and want an extraordinary experience, just give us a call. 

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Substance Addiction Treatment

Whether you are experiencing behavioral or substance addictions, we have the best programs that can be tailored according to your requirements and specific case. Just a month with us is equivalent to three months in a traditional clinic. Our experts and professionals will complete attention to your healing process. 

Eating Disorder Treatment

Eating disorders are not a lifestyle choice. Instead, it’s a complex manifestation of psychological and emotional issues that needs delicate care. With the help of our eating disorder experts, we can provide you specialized treatments that’ll rid your eating disorder forever. 

Psychiatric Treatment

Psychiatric or psychological issues are nothing to be ashamed of. We provide exceptional psychiatric treatments to help our clients recover and live their life to the fullest. Psychiatric issues are complex and that’s why you need the help of industry-leading professionals like us. 

Psychological Treatment

Modern life is exhausting, stressful, and leads to many psychological problems. Whether you are suffering from anxiety, depression, or just totally burned out, we have state of the art psychological treatments to help you recover. Our programs are not just for people dealing with addictions or disorders. Just a month's stay with us will leave you full of life and vitality again. 

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Our Programs

Individual Treatment

In our luxurious rehab center in the Kingdom of Smiles, we provide the finest spa and resort-like experience for people dealing with addictions, stress, depressions, social phobias, anxiety, work-life issues, or family/marital/relationship problems. 

We have years of experience in the industry and know every single detail about the problems people face. Unlike other rehabs that offer the same program to every patient, we are aware that addiction is a personal issue and it manifests differently in every individual. That is why after completing a full evaluation, we personalize programs and treatments that target your individual case. We get to the bottom of your problem and guarantee that it never occurs again. 

We continuously update ourselves with the latest developments in the industry. Our expert team of doctors and professionals only employ the finest and latest technology and treatments to help you heal. Our programs also incorporate highly advanced neurofeedback and DNA testing for our revered genetic nutrition and bio-molecular plan to provide the best possible results for our clients. We continuously strive to maintain our reputation as the best luxury rehab center in the world. 

Couple Theraphy

Every couple has issues, some have more than others. If you and your partner are going through difficulties due to mental health issues and addiction, we are the place to be. The same programs targeted at individuals does nothing for couples. They need specific and intricate care. 

At Lux Rehabs Thailand, we want to help you rekindle your love. Our programs are particularly targeted at couples offering effective solutions to their problems bringing down the barriers and forging long-lasting communication. We get to the root and unearth the primary cause of their relationship problems. We don’t provide temporary consolation but aim at a lifelong relationship of happiness. 

We don’t want you to give up on your relationship. Your psychological and addiction problems should not devastate your relationships. By being a part of our program in the stunning and exotic Thailand, you’ll rekindle your lost love and realize what made you fall for each other in the first place. 

Family Theraphy

Regardless of the type of addiction you have, you are not the only one that’s affected. Sadly, your loved ones and family members will be even more devastated. Working with your family members to fix yourself can provide long-lasting and effective results. Every member of your family needs to be enlightened about the problem and work on themselves to support and find a solution together. Teamwork always provides quicker and outstanding results than working alone. 

Family issues are even more formidable than individual or couple problems. It requires every member of your family to communicate, co-operate, and find resolutions together. Our lux rehabs in Thailand offers a very intricate family program found nowhere else. You and your entire family will be accommodated in our high-end glamorous 3-4-bedroom villa with its private pool surrounded by the enchanting landscape of Thailand. 

Our program's casual methodology makes it inclusive for all your family members, young and old. Our professionals are expertly trained particularly in handling family problems and issues. After you have completed our program, you’ll not only become a better person but your family bond will be stronger than ever. 

Teenager Program

Teenage years can be very difficult to go through. It is a period marked by emotional and physical changes that are accompanied by its own problems. That’s why teenagers require delicate and specialized care than adults. Because of the complex and delicate phase, they are going through, teenagers encounter problems that are unique to their age group. 

At lux rehabs Thailand, we tailor specialized programs particularly for teenagers that are not only effective but also fun and exciting so that their delicate minds don’t feel like they are suffering from a disorder. 

At this tender age, peer pressure, insecurities, and bullying can complicate the issue even more. That’s why we provide specialized treatment programs to handle many issues that teenagers encounter such as various addictions, unhealthy effects of social media, self-image, and insecurities, mental health issues, eating disorders, self-harming, Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) among others. 

It's an individual program but works better with family and parents. Their support and encouragement can amplify the effectiveness of the program even more. That’s why its recommended for family members to join in the program. The plan consists of various elements such as meditation, mindfulness, genetic nutrition plan, psychological and psychiatric assessment, and numerous other programs to target every aspect of the problem. 

Traveller Program

If you are a traveler, you’ll find our unique on-the-go program extremely beneficial. This program is perfect for people that are too busy for rehab stints but still want to recover from their problems. Being successful also means having a huge workload that brings its own problems. That’s why we made this program especially for you. It targets numerous problems such as addictions, depression, anxiety, weight issues, work-life balance issues, family/relationship/marital problems, etc. 

Wherever you go, whether you’re traveling on a holiday or business trip, we’ll accompany you and provide excellent service on-the-go. We understand that you have a hectic routine but you don’t have to worry as our programs are specially adapted and personalized according to your schedule and environment. We also guarantee you 100% privacy. No one from your work or personal life will find out. Your trust is our duty. 

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Lux Rehabs Advantages

It is our mission to match you with top programs and rehabs from across the globe. We do the hard part for you. Through us, your entire application process will be expedited and your chances of procuring admission into our Luxury Rehab in Thailand will increase exponentially. We provide advantages to our esteemed clients like no other. 

Free consulting

We are simply the best rehab consultant you’ll find and we work hard to maintain our reputation. Through our years of experience, we understand the challenges you’ll face while trying to get admitted to quality rehab centers. But with our help, your entire process will be smooth and quick. You don’t have to worry about anything. No matter how many questions you have, we are more than willing to answer them. You are just a call away from receiving all the help you’ll need and our initial consulting is absolutely free. 

Fast admission into the program

If you are looking for the finest and highest quality rehab centers like Lux rehabs Thailand, you’ll probably have to experience long waiting lists and challenges. Sometimes your admission may even get rejected. This can be very disappointing. Thanks to our years of experience in the industry we have gorged a strong relationship with the eminent rehab center in Thailand. With our help, you’ll be the first preference and will experience a hurdle-free and smooth admission process. That’s our promise. 

Verified quality

We strictly verify and authenticate the rehab centers before we recommend them to you. We understand there are many mediocre rehab centers all over the world and we’ll never want you to waste your hard-earned money on ineffective and expensive programs. We only recommend the finest rehab centers around the world. They are world-class and you’ll receive much more than what you pay for. 

Years of experience at your service

We’ve been in the industry for many years and are accustomed to every challenge and hurdle that you’ll face. It’s a cut-throat industry but we know how to excel. We genuinely want to transform your life forever that’s why we believe that our rehab centers are the answer to your problem. From here on out, let us guide you and you’ll soon live a life of dignity and sobriety. 

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Services At a Glance

Drug Rehab

We are the leaders of the industry and offer exceptional treatments and programs for numerous issues like hard and soft drugs, prescription drug addiction, pain-killer addiction, sedatives, and stimulants. ‘Whatever problem or drug you are addicted to, we want to completely revolutionize your life so that you’ll lead a healthy and happy life. Unlike other rehab centers that merely subdue your symptoms for a while, we get to the root of your problem and make sure that it never arises again. With our helping hand, you’ll find long-lasting results. 

Your life is precious and shouldn’t be devastated by addiction. With our guidance, we’ll aid you in writing a new chapter of your life. 

Alcohol Detox

Addiction to alcohol is widely prevalent and can wreck relationships and lives. Alcohol is easily accessible making the addiction even more dangerous. Since it’s not a drug, many people are unaware of its consequences. However, alcohol addiction can destroy not just yours but also the lives of your loved ones. You must contact professionals like us to deal with your alcohol addiction. 

We’ve helped countless alcoholics throughout our years in the industry and we offer personalized treatments according to each individual's requirement. An essential element of our impeccable portfolio is the alcohol detox in Lux rehabs Thailand. 

Through our program, you’ll receive the best facilities and medical experts to deal with your alcohol addiction permanently. 

Eating Disorder Treatment

It’s a misconception that an eating disorder is a choice. It’s a complex and delicate issue that consists of psychological, emotional, and environmental problems and requires professional expertise. We are aware of this and our experts have handled and resolved numerous cases throughout the years. We’ll eliminate your eating disorder from the root so that it’ll never resurface again. In our luxurious resort-like rehab Thailand, we offer services for numerous problems such as purging disorder, overeating, pica, anorexia, and bulimia. 

You will also get specialized care for overcoming obesity. If you want to rid your life of the problems associated with eating disorders and restore normalcy, we are the rehab center you’ve always been looking for. 

Psychiatric and Psychological Conditions

Psychiatric and Psychological problems are increasingly becoming common. They are very complex issues that require intricate and detailed intervention. Since it deals with your mind, wrong treatments can lead to heavy consequences. With the help of our industry-leading experts, we design treatment programs particularly for each case and condition targeting the problems at the roots. 

We offer effective treatments for numerous disorders such as chronic pain, anxiety, trauma, self-harm, body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), burn out, stress, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) among numerous other conditions. 

Some people may even suffer from dual conditions which are even more complex and challenging. In such situations, ordinary clinics will not be able to handle the problem. At our clinic in Thailand, our diagnosis treatment has a dual approach to help individuals that are suffering from addiction and psychiatric disorders at the same time. 

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Illegal Drugs Addiction Treatment

Heroin Detox

The number of heroin addicts is increasing each day and this is an alarming stat because heroin is a dangerous substance with deadly consequences. Sadly, many rehabs are inadequate in handling the issue. Over time, this addiction can even lead to death. That’s why you need professional intervention as soon as possible. 

In our luxurious rehab center in Thailand, we offer 100% personalized and effective programs for heroin addicts. Getting over this addiction can be challenging but with our help, you’ll be able to begin a life that’s free of addictions. You don’t have to lose your precious life to addiction. 

We carry out complete evaluation and offer programs that deal with your exact problems so that you’ll never get addicted again. It may seem daunting but with our help, you’ll be able to transform your life in no time. Our rehab center in Thailand is the best for heroin addiction treatments. 

Cocaine Rehab

This drug is also equally prevalent and the results can often be life-threatening. Many people inflicted with this deadly addiction have the notion that they are in control while in reality, the addiction is slowly chipping their life away. If you don’t seek professional intervention, you’ll lose the battle to heroin addiction and lose your life as well. 

Through our years of experience in the industry, we’ve discovered that people use heroin for numerous reasons unique to themselves. Our cocaine recovery treatments are 100% customizable according to your needs and requirements. Our focus is on you. 

We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. We provide different programs for every single one of our esteemed clients. If you want a rehab center that actually delivers its promises, give us a visit. 

MDMA/Ecstasy Addiction Treatment

Many people take MDMA (molly and ecstasy) to experience a sensation of euphoria, physical intimacy, and enhanced senses. It is also easily accessible making the addiction easy to contract and prevalent. It may seem subtle but the consequences can be hefty. It’s not as dangerous as heroin but it's still an addiction with negative effects. If left untreated, the problems will only worsen. 

What makes it even more dangerous is that inflicted people are not even aware of their addiction. However, MDMA addiction required professional help and prompt intervention. Remember that any addiction can devastate your life. 

Marijuana/Cannabis Addiction Treatment

As more and more countries legalize marijuana, its addiction is also becoming increasingly popular. Marijuana is not fatal and can be beneficial but overuse can often lead to depression, insomnia, mood swings, agitation, and an uncontrollable appetite to consume more. Over time, it consumes the inflicted person's life. 

Marijuana is popular due to the euphoric sensation it incites however it does have its negative consequences. Additionally, trying to withdraw without medical help can often lead to dangerous reactions. That’s why it is crucial that you seek professional help like ours.

We offer carefully studied and structure programs for Marijuana/Cannabis addictions at our luxury rehab center in Thailand. We set up every measure possible to help you recover. 

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Prescription Drugs Detox

Addiction to prescription drugs is becoming rampant and seems to be increasing every single day. At our rehab center in Thailand, we tailor programs around you and ensure that every aspect of your problem is addressed. Our programs are structured by only the leading specialists in the industry. 

Pain Killers Like Tramadol and Fentanyl

Addiction to painkillers such as opioids and narcotics is quite common but it can eventually lead to deathly outcomes. You need professional aid like us to guide you in your recovery. If left untreated, the addiction can go out of control. Here are some of the narcotics that are commonly misused - Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone, Fentanyl, Morphine, Propoxyphene, Meperidine, Methadone, Tramadol, and Codeine. 

If you are addicted to any of these substances, we have specialized treatment plans that will prove to be highly beneficial. Our narcotics addiction treatment targets the root cause of your problem. You’ll receive lifelong permanent results. 

Tranquilizers Like Xanax and Valium

Many people are appealed by the distinct taste of tranquilizers and they soon become addictive. It may seem harmless at first but any addiction is still an addiction and carries negative consequences. If it's left unattended for a long time, it can be very difficult to overcome and the side effects are catastrophic. Additionally, the withdrawal symptoms of this addiction can cause violent reactions. Thus, you must seek the best medical help possible. 

Common tranquilizer addictions include Librium, Halcion, Atvian, Valium, Xanax, Seconal, Tuinal, Nembutal, Amyta and sleeping aids like Lunesta, Ambien, and Sonata. 

Our industry-leading professionals and carefully crafted programs will keep the dangerous withdrawal symptoms at bay and stop your addiction permanently so that you can have a bright and healthy future. 

Sedatives Like Nembutal and Zoloft

Sedatives can be equally addictive and the results are often dangerous. We offer effective and specialized care for numerous sedative addiction like Pentobarbital Sodium aka Nembutal, Sertraline (Zoloft), Alprazolam (Xanax), Diazepam (Valium), and Zolpidem Tartrate or Ambien. 

Drugs like these are easily available and as such addiction to it is also becoming common. For people with these addictions, we can provide you with highly personalized treatment plans. 


Another common addiction is stimulants and it is becoming very common particularly with the youth. People often become addicted to Methamphetamine, Amphetamine, Concerta, or Ritalin, Vyvanse, Adderall, Khat, and Strattera. Addictions like these are notorious for becoming rapidly problematic and can go out of control. You shouldn’t compromise with the quality of treatment. We have dealt with numerous patients with similar conditions and have enough experience to provide you the best treatments. We don’t compromise on quality!

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Eating Disorder Treatment

Bulimia Treatment

The rate of bulimia patients has rapidly increased over the years. But the disorder is also plagued by numerous misconceptions. Many people have the wrong notion that the disorder arises out of an obsession over food, body weight, or a thin figure. However, mental and emotional issues are the primary factor for this disorder. 

It mostly affects females of all ages but can also prevail among men. It’s a dangerous manifestation of the inflicted person's desire to control their entire life. Bulimia is accompanied by binging/purging behavior which can lead to catastrophic mental, emotional, and physical health problems. It completely takes over the inflicted person's daily life. 

Pica Treatment

People that are suffering from Pica have the dangerous tendency of consuming items that have zero or minimal nutritional value. This disorder sets off a behavior in which the affected person consumes items such as clay, dirt, paper, chalk, and household materials leading to life-threatening effects. 

If you happen to be a victim of this disorder, it’s very important that you seek professional help. The consequences can be devastating and lead to malnutrition, bowel obstruction, toxicity, parasitic infections, dental issues, and damage to liver. If you don’t seek immediate professional intervention, this disorder will continuously worsen and may cost you your life. 

At our luxurious rehab center in Thailand, we will carry out a full evaluation of your medical history and formulate a specialized program for your Pica disorder.

Obesity Treatment

In recent years, the rate of obesity has skyrocketed. It's not just an aesthetic problem but leads to devastating consequences. It can impact mental, emotional, and physical state of the inflicted person. After a while, it’ll be almost impossible to regain normal body weight. That’s why it is strictly recommended that you seek medical intervention as soon as possible. 

Obesity puts you at a much higher rate of suffering from other deadly illnesses such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes 2, cancer, and various other physical disorders. Additionally, obese people also have to deal with insecurities, depression, while being at the receiving end of society’s ridicule, rejection, and isolation. 

We want to help you and that’s why our rehab center in Thailand has formulated a specialized program for effective treatment of obesity that can also be personalized according to your individual condition. We also combine it with helpful therapeutic and educational programs that’ll help you achieve ideal body weight and encourage emotional and mental stability. 

Anorexia Treatment

In modern times, Anorexia has sadly taken over many women and young girls. It might seem subtle initially but over time can have irreversible effects. Slowly the disorder will swallow your whole life and prevent you from carrying out your normal routine. It can destroy your confidence and the way you view your environment. 

Anorexia manifests differently in every person. It predominantly affects women and girls but can also prevail among men. At our excellent Thailand clinic, we don’t just target symptoms; we try to understand how they formed in the first place. We treat the entire ‘You’. We don’t offer temporary relief like a majority of the clinics but strive for permanent results so that you can live a healthy and long life. 

Overeating Treatment

People lean towards the dangerous habit of overeating to deal with their emotional and mental issues. Excessive eating is a resort of dealing with their underlying issues which after some time can become uncontrollable. In an attempt of dealing with their inner issues, they instead create a much more dangerous and bigger problem. 

It’s a vain and lethal attempt at filling the emptiness and void that they feel inside. Gradually this habit will lead to a dangerous cycle that cannot be stopped without expert intervention. 

It’s a very complicated issue that requires a precise and detailed study of the patient’s entire medical history and symptoms. This disorder requires highly personalized and effective programs. 

Our luxurious rehab center in Thailand incorporates treatment programs that are highly personalized and effective. It has worked for numerous patients and we continuously update it with the latest industry developments. 

Purging Disorder Treatment

This disorder can be very difficult to bring into control or get rid of. It has numerous side effects and over time can be deadly. It is not just physical consequences but can also mentally devastate the inflicted person. This disorder predominantly prevails among women but can affect men as well. 

People suffering from this disorder resort to taking enemas, laxatives, or diuretics after eating in a dangerous attempt to throw and prevent weight gain. However, it has lethal consequences like electrolytes imbalances, inflated salivatory glands, metabolic disturbances, esophagus rips, and dental problems. 

An obsession over size zero or physical insecurities can often lead to this disorder. Media's unhealthy portrayal of unrealistic body goals has only increased the spread of this disorder. Currently, there are minimal effective treatments for this disorder and many clinics are simply inept in handling this disorder. 

However, through our years of experience, we understand what it takes to tackle this problem. We incorporate a unique approach to counseling, medication, nutrition, and talk therapy to help patients recover. We are a leader in the industry and we simply don’t compromise on quality service. 

Suffering from an eating disorder? We will help you! Contact us!

Psychiatric and Psychological Problems

Many people fail to understand that mental health is just as important as physical health. However, the mind is more complex and delicate and as such requires precise care and treatment. Only experts should deal with mental health issues to prevent negative consequences. If you’re suffering from psychological or psychiatric problems, it's highly likely that they’ll worsen over time and bring catastrophic consequences. It is critical that you consult experts as soon as possible. 

At our world-renowned rehab center in Thailand, we provide world-class treatment for the following psychiatric and psychological problems. 

Bipolar Disorder Treatment

This disorder is increasingly becoming common. Its very complex and can be notorious to deal with. It takes over every part of your day to day life and can be nearly impossible to manage without professional help. 

Bipolar disorder is a chronic condition and sadly, no cure exists. However, it doesn’t mean you have to give up. With the best help, you can reduce the symptoms to such a degree that it’ll feel as if you’re not suffering from Bipolar Disorder. The sooner you seek professional intervention, the higher the chances of minimizing the negative symptoms. 

We understand that Bipolar Disorder is not simple and cannot be effectively dealt with a single treatment. That’s why, at our world-renowned Thailand clinic, we employ a multi-pronged treatment program curated by the industry’s leading expert. 

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Whenever someone suffers from a horrifying trauma and fails to recover; it can cause PTSD. It is accompanied by frustrating symptoms such as flashbacks, nightmares, and severe anxiety. If you’re suffering from this disorder it’s strictly recommended that you seek professional help. If left unattended it can lead to symptoms that can be uncontrollable and even lead to the manifestation of suicidal tendencies. It can hinder you from carrying out even simple routine tasks. After a whole, the disorder will engulf your whole life. 

We provide a powerful program for PTSD patients that include a powerful combination of psychotherapy, counseling, and medication to produce excellent results. With our expert guidance, you’ll recover in no time. 

Work-Life Balance Challenges 

In this fast-paced life, busy people are often overburdened with work and family life that they often suffer from psychological, emotional, and physical life. It can be very difficult to maintain the right balance. If you’re one of those busy people we understand that you simply don’t have the room in your schedule to seek intervention. 

Our mission is to treat people from all walks of life and that’s why we have tailored a special treatment program especially for busy people. It is effective and can be personalized according to your schedule and environment. If you’re seeking the best treatment plan, simply contact us and we will offer you unmatched services. 

Burnout Recovery

If you’re suffering from prolonged and excessive stress, you’ll likely suffer from a lot of negative consequences. Over time you’ll burn out which will affect your whole well-being. You’ll continuously be tired and drained out preventing you from living your life positively. Gradually it’ll take over your whole life. 

Thanks to the high demands of the modern cosmopolitan lifestyle, burnouts have become highly prevalent. To help restore vitality and energy into your life, our burnout treatment programs employ a multi-pronged method to alleviate your stress and problems. The calm and luxurious environment of our resort-like rehab center in Thailand will also stimulate your well being and help you recover rapidly. You’ll find no other rehab center like ours. 

Self-Harm Treatment

Many people resort to self-harm to deal with their inner issues. Often patients do not confide even to their closed ones making the disorder even more dangerous. Depression often leads to this self-inflicting behavior. It doesn’t just cause bodily harm but can even lead to death if it's not treated. 

One sized approach simply doesn’t work for this disorder. There are numerous causes and as such requires personalized care. We carry out intensive evaluation of the patient before recommending programs crafted by our expert doctors and therapists. The results you see are long-lasting. We make sure you never have to hurt yourself again. 

Anxiety Treatment

Everyone suffers from anxiety every now and then but once it crosses a certain limit, it becomes a mental disorder and can drain the life out of the person. Gradually, it’ll take over your whole life and prevent you from doing anything else. 

Waiting too long can prove to be dangerous. Its strictly recommended that you seek medical intervention at the onset of symptoms. We offer effective anxiety programs to help you regain control of your life. 

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Whenever someone experiences an unhealthy obsession over irrational fears or thoughts, it can manifest in obsessive behaviors. It can often refer to an unhealthy obsession over sex, violence, numbers, germs, etc. Gradually, the obsession takes over every aspect of a person's life and prevents them from carrying out even simple tasks. 

The exact reason for this disorder is still undiscovered making diagnosis and treatment excruciatingly difficult. Most clinics simply can’t handle this disorder. However, thanks to our experience we’ve formulated specific programs for this disorder with the help of our industry-leading experts. With the help of various scientifically proven methods, we can reduce the disorder as seemingly possible. We want to see you live your life to the fullest. Give us a quick call and we’ll make sure you receive every treatment possible. 

Depression Treatment

Depression registers as one of the most common disorders across the globe. Every individual experiences different triggers and symptoms. If you’re suffering from depression it’s critical that you seek help as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can gradually develop into something beyond your control. Not only will it engulf your whole life but destroy the relationship with your loved ones as well. In critical conditions, suicidal thoughts will start to manifest. 

If you’re suffering from depression there’s no instant cure. You’ll require a prolonged and expertly guided treatment program that we excel in. With the help of our expertise, we’ll help you piece your life together. Come to our luxury rehab center in Thailand and you’ll never have to look back at your past troubles again. 

Coping With Stress

Everyone experiences stress but if it passes a certain limit, it can lead to severe emotional, physical, and mental consequences. It occurs in every age and the symptoms and triggers vary from person to person. If you want to prevent the dangerous consequences of stress, immediately seek professional help. 

Stress can be completely dealt with. Our powerful stress treatment program looks into the core issue of your condition and removes the problem from within. Through our revolutionary combination of psychotherapy, counseling, and meditation we’ll remove stress from your life. We’ll also guide you and provide you with detailed information on preventing stress from recurring. 

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)

An unhealthy obsession over even the smallest of flaws leads to Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Due to the influence of social media and television, this disorder is rapidly increasing. Currently, the core reason for this disorder is yet to be ascertained making treatment very complicated. It mostly affects women and the symptoms arise differently from individual to individual. 

We’ve tailored a revolutionary and powerful multi-faceted program for BDD that incorporates meditation, counseling, and psychotherapy that can be tailored according to your individual needs and requirements. If you’re suffering from this disorder, there’s no place you can seek guidance like the one offered by our leading experts. 

Trauma Treatment 

At times, trauma can not only affect the moment it occurs but its effects can linger for a very long time. The cause is often emotional and mental. Even in the absence of physical threats, it can lead to a feeling of helplessness and the disorder can take over the entire individual preventing them from doing anything. It’s a very sensitive and complex issue.

Without expert guidance, it’ll only worsen day by day. Our specialists and experts through their years of research and study have formulated a specific and highly effective treatment program to deal with trauma at our resort rehab center in Thailand. If you want the best treatment, you can give us a visit. 

Chronic Pain Treatment

Chronic pain is excruciatingly painful and difficult to deal with and gradually sucks the life out of the person hindering their day to day activities. What makes this condition even more dangerous is that it can affect any age group. The effect of this disorder can be overwhelming and unbearable to deal with. We simply dint want you to suffer in silence, we can provide the solution to your agony. 

This condition is very challenging and is caused by a myriad of factors which can be very difficult to ascertain. At our clinic in Thailand, our professional will carefully evaluate your condition and provide personalized treatments. We’re the solution you’ve always been looking for. 

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Behavioral Addictions Treatment

Gambling Addiction

An obsession over gambling is considered an unhealthy addiction. There are various types of gambling and it doesn’t only include slot machines. It might not be deadly but it's still an addiction and can take an emotional and mental toll on the inflicted person. Not just that but it can also bring financial ruin and destroy relationships. If you suffer from this addiction. You’ll become so obsessed that you’ll not be able to concentrate on anything else. 

With our guidance, you’ll receive the right help to overcome this frustrating addiction. We’re the world leaders in rehab treatment. 

Internet Porn Addiction

With the skyrocketing penetration of the internet, porn addiction has become a norm. It doesn’t have deadly consequences but its still an addiction and can prevent you from living your life positively. The inflicted person gives full attention to their porn addiction and on nothing else. Their whole life is engulfed by this addiction. 

This addiction requires a careful study to properly deal with. Symptoms and causes vary from person to person. Since it’s a newly confirmed addiction it also suffers from a lack of proper treatment. However, at our state-of-the-art clinic in Thailand, we can offer you a safe and comprehensive treatment program. 

Love Addiction

Love is healthy but what many people fail to understand is that an obsession over it can be very unhealthy. It doesn’t have deadly consequences and is very unknow but it's still an addiction nonetheless and can lead to negative effects. People inflicted with this condition have an unhealthy obsession of being in love or a relationship. It's actually a manifestation of core mental and psychological problems. 

If you’re suffering from this condition, the root cause will vary from person to person and thus you’ll need expert formulated personalized programs like our Thailand rehab facility. 

Sex Addiction

When people experience an unhealthy obsession over sex, it can lead to an addiction. It’s a very controversial topic and many clinics simply don’t offer any help. People resort to sex as a mechanism for dealing with bigger inner issues. It's similar to alcohol use and requires delicate and precise attention. If left unattended it can hinder the inflicted person from doing anything else and increase their chances of contracting deadly diseases. 

Video Games Addiction

With the prevalence of smartphone and video gaming consoles addiction to them has also rapidly increased. The consequences might not be deadly but it's still an addiction with unhealthy effects. The inflicted person becomes so obsessed that it takes over their whole life and hinders them from concentrating on anything else. Trying to force the patient from withdrawing has resulted in violent reactions and at times even resulting in death. It mostly affects young men but can prevail among any demographic. 

It’s a newly confirmed addiction and most rehab centers simply don’t possess the equipment or expertise to deal with it. Step into our luxurious rehab center in Thailand and we’ll offer you services found nowhere else. 

Other Behavioral Addictions

The above-mentioned disorders are not the only ones, in fact, various types of behavioral addictions exist and it seems like new ones keep arising every single day. We’re completely well versed with all sorts of addictions and provided comprehensive treatments for numerous addictions such as dangerous behaviour addiction, shopping addiction, plastic surgery addiction, internet addiction etc. 

We’re tirelessly working and striving to be the best rehab centre in the world. At our luxurious rehab centre in Thailand, you’ll receive unmatched expertise. 

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What sets us apart is our genuine compassion and desire to help those in need. We have years of experience in the industry and though that we know every nuance and intricacy of helping people with various addictions. Our programs and treatments have helped countless patients just like you and are the results of years of research and study. Our team of industry leading experts’ primary goal is to transform lives forever. We’re the solution to your addiction problem you’ve always been looking for. Give us a call and we’ll take care of everything for you.