Luxury Alcohol & Drug Rehab Center in London, UK

We offer drug, alcohol, prescription drugs rehab, eating disorder and psychiatric treatment near London, UK.

Our drug rehab center near London offers addiction treatment at luxury resorts nearby. We are one of the best, most luxurious and high end clinics of this type in London.

For privacy reasons we do not disclose exact locations on the website. Please call us for information.

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A Different Aproach to Addiction Treatment

Instead of offering you a hospital experience, we give you the high end, luxury resort life.
With a starting price of 60,000 €/week, you know you get the best thing money can buy.

Most rehab centers are places built as hospitals, which give you a hospital-like environment. That is likely to make you feel less confortable than you could. Instead of bringing you to such a center, we had a better idea: take you to the best resorts near london and offer you the entire treatment program there, while you have an amazing time.

You can choose to go at any of our partner resorts, or you can even choose to have us come at your home and do our program there.

At a Glance

  • Location: ~1h drive from London, UK
    (Tring, Forest Mere, Springs, Henlow)
  • Budget class: starts at 60,000 €/week;
    luxury, exclusive, high-end
  • Services: substance addictions, behavioral addictions, eating disorders, psychiatric conditions, depression treatment, general counselling, grief counselling, anxiety, relationship counselling, work-life balance challenges, family therapy, holistic therapies, chronic pain, stress, burn out, self harm & trauma treatment.
  • Setting: luxury resorts
  • License: licensed clinical personnel
  • Treatment: bespoke, 100% personalized, cue exposure theraphy (CET), holistic, bio-molecular nutrition
  • Clinical team: psychiatrists, doctors, psychotherapists, counsellors, family therapists, genetic nutrition expert, physicians
  • Length: based on your needs
  • Aftercare: bespoke

What You Need to Know

Rehab Like Nowhere Else

Whichever luxury resort you choose, you can rest assured you will have one of the best experiences possible. We are all about making the entire treatment program as pleasant and relaxing as possible. All of our partner resorts offer everything you would expect and more. The high end experience is not important just so you feel great, but actually aids us in helping you defeat your addiction.

An Entire Team Focused on You

We are nothing like other rehab centers out there where you only benefit from the clinical team a short time every day. You will be our only focus! We only take one client at a time and invest our attention and efforts into him alone. Client and therapist spend no less than 10 hours every single day in the relaxing environment provided by one of our partner luxury resorts. On top of that there will be three formal and structured sessions every day in a private office.

Confidential Setting

Nobody will know why we're there, to everybody we will appear like regular guests. We don't do anything to make you stand out from the other guests that are present there. You will enjoy the full benefits of our partner luxury resort of your choice, while all this time you will turn your life around. It will not be just a pleasent and relaxing experience but in the end it will prove to be a life changing experience.

Bio-Molecular Nutrition

With us you will benefit from our special bio-molecular and genetic nutrition plan. This involves DNA testing to aid us in restoring the biochemical and neurochemical imbalances that you might have. In turn, this results in lasting success of our drug rehab program. The bespoke nutrition plan allows you to receive important nutrients that will give you the power you need.

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Bespoke Treatment Program

Our treatment program does not involve isolating you and taking you away from the world to eliminate temptations. Instead we allow you to coexist with challenges and temptations and teach you to live with them. This is another area where we are completely different compared to a regular drug or alcohol rehab center. Receiving a single month of our help can compare to three months in a traditional clinic.

We Are Licensed Clinicians

While our methods are different than what you find in a traditional rehab clinic, we have one thing in common with them: we are fully licensed addiction treatment specialists. That means you can rest assured you are in qualified and caring hands. However, only you will know that! Nobody else that meets us at the luxury resort will have a hint of what is going on.

The Best United Kingdom Has to Offer

We are hands down one of the best rehab programs in United Kingdom and even in the world. We are not another rehab clinic, we are everything a rehab clinic can not be. All this in order to meet the highest demands of the most exigent clientelle.

Our Clientele

Our clients, just like you, are people with high demands. For them "good" is not good enough. They seek exceptional and the best experience and results money can buy. They hire us for the same reasons that are important to you - from program effectiveness to the luxury environment where we conduct our treatment. If you are like that and unsattisfied by conventional rehab programs, give us a call!

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Addiction Treatment

We successfully treat both substance addictions as well as behavioural addictions. A month in our program is so effective that it is worth three months in a regular rehab clinic.

Eating Disorders

Because eating disorders are a serious illness and not just poor habits, you need specialized help to successfully overcome such problems.

Psychiatric Treatment

We successfully help our clients who suffer from various psychiatric or psychological issues to regain their dignity and be able to live a fulfilling life.

Psychological Treatment

From burn-out and depression al the way to anxiety, we can help you get back on track and be able to successfully cope with life's hardships.

You made it here alone, we will help you from here onwards. Contact us!

Our Programs

Individual Treatment

We offer the market’s best luxurious spa and resort-style rehab for individuals suffering from depression, stress, addictions, anxiety, social phobias, work-life issues, or family/marital/relationship issues.

Through our years of experience, we are fully aware that the root of addiction is unique to every individual. That is why our programs are highly personalized and flexible for your physical and psychological wellbeing.

Our team of experienced and highly trained experts and therapists utilize various methods and are regularly updated with the latest in the industry and science. We also employ advanced approaches such as DNA testing and neurofeedback for our acclaimed genetic nutrition and bio-molecular plan to help you achieve the best possible results. 

Our programs might be challenging at first, but the rewards are incomparable.

Couple Theraphy

Couples affected by addiction and mental health issues need intricate and systematic intervention. The programs that are effective for an individual cannot be applied for couples. They require specific care.

At Lux Rehabs London, we offer couples solutions to their problems, tear down barriers and establish secure communication so that they can get to the root of their issues and find out what they genuinely require from each other. Through our approach, we do not resolve only the superficial problems but truly address the core of your problems.

We want to help you reconnect and rekindle your relationship. Your psychological and addiction problems can devastate your relationships. The exquisite and calm environment of our luxury rehab centre enhances and enriches your experience.

Family Theraphy

When someone is overcome with addictions, mental health issues or other problems, it can affect their loved ones as well. The consequences of addiction are not merely confined to the affected person. Every member of the family needs to be aware and enlightened about the problems, be well informed and find solutions for themselves and the entire family. Teamwork always provides the best results.

We are aware that handling family problems can be challenging and requires absolute co-operation and communication from everyone, which is why we have tailored an exclusive program for the whole family. You will get your own glamorous 3-4 bedroom villa with its pool surrounded by the enchanting environment of the Aleenta Resorts.

Our program's informal approach makes it suitable for family members of all ages, whether young or old. Our approach is as inclusive as possible.

Our experts are particularly trained in handling family issues and will help you come out healthier and stronger both as an individual and a family.

Teenager Program

Teenagers going through change require delicate yet powerful intervention. Due to bodily and hormonal changes at this age, proper care and attention must be given to ensure that they develop into healthy adults.

At this stage, they are often confused and possess complex mental and psychological issues unique to their age group.

At Lux Rehabs London, we have tailored effective and exciting programs for young adults, which is full of fun and thrilling activities. Like all of our programs, it is challenging and intensive but thanks to our experts, we have structured it in such a way that you will feel like you are in an expensive vacation while healing your mind, body, and soul.

In this age where bullying and insecurity are highly prevalent, we are aware of the hurdles our young adults face in their day to day life. That is why we have crafted effective programs to deal with many teenage issues like: Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), self-harming/injuring/cutting, eating disorders, mental health issues, self-image/insecurities, unhealthy effects of social media or various addictions.

It is an individual program, but we strongly recommend bringing your parents or a close friend. The plan includes the following: mindfulness, meditation, spa treatments, genetic nutrition plan, psychiatric and psychological assessment and many other activities.

Traveller Program

We maintain a unique therapy exclusively for travellers called On-The-Go Therapy. This programme is highly beneficial for CEOs, businessmen, or those who are not compatible with our other programmes due to their hectic schedules. We target a wide range of problems such as: relationship/marital/family issues, work-life balance problems, weight issues, anxiety, depression or various addictions

Whether you are on a business trip or a holiday, we can accompany you and provide our absolute best service.

We understand that busy schedules and routines will surround you, that is why our programmes are highly customizable and adaptable to suit your particular environment. We also maintain absolute discretion in such a way that absolutely no one will know.

We are here for you or your loved one. Contact us!

Lux Rehabs Advantages

Our main goal is to match clients who need addiction treatment with the best rehab centers for their needs.
We can greatly speed up the entire process of getting admitted in our rehab program in London, UK.

With us, you get advantages that you would not benefit from in any other way.

Free initial consulting

When it comes to matters of rehab, we consider ourselves the absolute best adviser with an excellent track record. We are well aware that getting into rehabs for the first time can be unnerving and challenging, but with our guidance, the entire process can be smooth and comfortable. You do not have anything to be anxious or nervous about. Just give us a call, and we will answer all your queries and take care of everything else.

Fast admission into the program

Checking into a renowned and luxurious rehab centre often comes with a long waiting list and multiple hurdles during the admission. This can be very frustrating. Through many years, we have established a very intimate relationship with our partner rehab centre in London. We will ensure that you receive the first preference and that the entire process follows through smoothly.

Verified quality

Many rehab centres charge exorbitant prices for their services, which are often ineffective or do not provide long-lasting results. We are entirely aware of this, and we never recommend any rehab centre that is not of the highest standard. Every centre goes through our authentication and verification processes before we recommend it to you. We fulfil your highest expectations.

Years of experience at your service

We have been working in the industry for a very long time. We know every nuance and intricacy and the challenges you will face on your own. We genuinely want to revolutionize your life. You have come this far on your own, let it take it from here and guide you every step of the way.

Ready to talk to me so I can help you out?

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I am Earl, an expert rehab consultant with over ten years of experience helping addicted people.

I will talk to you, understand your problem, your needs and wishes and make everything happen so you can regain your life back.

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Services At a Glance

Drug Rehab

We offer the top-of-the-industry rehab services for individuals for a wide range of problems, including: stimulants and sedatives, tranquillizers, pain-killer addiction, prescription drug addiction, hard drug, soft/recreational drugs.

Regardless of what drug you are addicted to, we want to help you recover and live a truly healthy life. We do not just assist you in overcoming your addiction, but we also make sure that it never arises again. With your co-operation, we strive for long term results.

At our luxurious London drug rehab, we offer you the helping hand you need to start a new chapter of your life. We believe that no individual life should be wrecked by addiction.

Alcohol Detox

Alcohol addiction is highly prevalent and continues to destroy lives and relationships. What makes this addiction even worse is that alcohol is not illegal and can be easily procured. Most people do not consider alcohol as a drug which prevents them from seeking professional help.

We have been dealing and helping alcoholics for years, and a crucial part of our portfolio is the treatment for alcohol detox in London.

Alcohol addiction can completely wreck you and your loved one’s lives. Treatment must be provided so that you do not resort to your old ways after you leave the rehab.

Through our alcohol detox in London, we will provide you with experts and programmes specifically for this addiction.

Eating Disorder Treatment

Eating Disorder is often misunderstood as a result of a poor lifestyle choice. The issue is more complicated and often requires professional intervention. We understand this, which is why we offer experts that have dealt with this issue. We will get to the root of your eating disorder and ensure that it never resurfaces again. We can provide you with specialized eating disorder treatment in London for various issues like bulimia, anorexia, pica, overeating or purging disorder.

Not just that, but we also provide experts for people suffering from obesity. If you are seeking the best eating disorder treatment, you will benefit tremendously from our luxury resort rehab in London, United Kingdom.

Psychiatric & Psychological Conditions

There is a myriad of psychiatric and psychological problems, each with its unique traits and causes. The mind is a very delicate thing, and the slightest tap can steer it in the wrong direction. With the assistance of our English speaking experts and psychiatrists, we offer effective treatments for such conditions.

We can help you with bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), PTSD, depression, work-life balance challenges, stress, burn out, body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), self-harm, trauma, anxiety, or chronic pain among many other conditions.

Specific individuals also suffer from dual conditions, which are even more complex and requires intricate intervention. For such disorders, we provide dual diagnosis treatment for individuals that are inflicted with addiction along with psychiatric disorders.

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Illegal Drugs Addiction Treatment

Heroin Detox

Heroin addiction is not only common but remains one of the most dangerous addictions. The negative consequence can be permanent and can often lead to death. That is why you must receive effective treatments and programmes.

In our luxurious London clinic, we provide heroin rehab treatment for people inflicted by this dreadful addiction.

Getting rid of heroin addiction is very daunting and requires utmost dedication but successfully overcoming this addiction can positively overhaul your whole life and make it more meaningful and enjoyable. You might think that recovery is impossible, but we assure you that we will help you every step of the way until you are fully recovered.

Of course, many centres in London offer heroin addiction treatment, but we tirelessly work to be the best centre for you.

Cocaine Rehab

Cocaine also remains one of the most used drugs. The results can be catastrophic. What makes this addiction even more dangerous is that most patients are deluded that they are in control. If you do not seek professional intervention, ultimately the drug will take over your life.

People resort to cocaine use for different reasons, each unique to the individual. Our cocaine rehab process is customizable and personalized around the individual's needs and requirements — a different method for every individual.

If you want a rehab centre that delivers the results it promises, look no further.

MDMA/Ecstasy Addiction Treatment

MDMA (Molly, Ecstacy) is a drug which when taken causes a sensation of physical intimacy, euphoria and enhanced senses. It is also easily accessible, making it a common addiction drug. The consequences of MDMA addiction is not as devastating as that of heroin, but it is still an addiction and can quickly cause more significant problems if left untreated.

For people suffering from this type of condition, we provide effective MDMA/Ecstacy rehab treatment.

Another characteristic of this addiction is that most people inflicted are not even aware that they are addicted and are ignorant of the negative consequences. Remember that it is like any other addiction, and you must always seek professional intervention before it becomes fatal.

Marijuana/Cannabis Addiction Treatment

Marijuana is increasingly becoming legalized across the globe. Roughly 19 million people resort to marijuana use. Even though marijuana use is considered as one of the least fatal, it can still trigger symptoms like agitation, depression, insomnia, mood swings and an increased desire to consume more.

Marijuana incites a euphoric feeling and trying to withdraw from it abruptly can invite violent reactions; that is why it is crucial to seek professional intervention.

In our luxurious drug rehab in London, marijuana/THC rehab and detox are done with carefully structured programmes and expert assistance. We take every measure available in helping you quit.

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Prescription Drugs Detox

Addiction to prescription drugs is widespread and is increasing at a high rate. Our rehab centre in London provides state-of-the-art prescription drugs detox for individuals that are affected by this condition. Our programs are particularly tailored around you to meet your unique needs and requirements.

Pain Killers

Addictions to painkillers like opioids and narcotic can eventually lead to dire consequences. It is best to seek professional intervention as soon as possible to prevent irreversible damage. Commonly abused narcotics include Codeine, Tramadol, Meperidine, Methadone, Morphine, Propoxyphene, Hydromorphone, Fentanyl, Oxycodone, and Hydrocodone.

If you are addicted to any of the substances mentioned above, we can provide professional and specialized help. Our programs for narcotic medication addiction are specially formulated for this condition. With our help, you will obtain lifelong results.


As with numerous other prescription drugs addiction, the particular flavour of tranquillizers can be addictive for many individuals. If left untreated, it can cause complex problems, and this condition is notorious for causing violent withdrawal symptoms if done carelessly and without professional help.

Most typical tranquilizer addictions include sleeping aids ( Sonata, Ambien, Lunesta), barbiturates ( Seconal, Tuinal, Nembutal, Amytal ), and benzodiazepines (Librium, Halcion, Atvian, Valium, Xanax).

Our personalized and specialized treatment programs will keep your withdrawal symptoms at bay and hence put an end to your cycle of abuse in a healthy and productive manner.


Addiction to stimulants is prevalent and includes a long list of commonly abused drugs. The list of drugs includes Khat, Adderall, Strattera, Vyvanse, Concerta or Ritalin, Methamphetamine, and Amphetamine.

This condition is rapidly increasing and can be problematic. Like with any addiction, it demands specific care and treatment. We are highly experienced and specialized in this treatment and offer you the best treatment you can find.


We cover a wide range of sedative addictions. Leading experts carefully formulate our programs for optimal results. The most common addictions we have treated include Sertraline(Zoloft), Zolpidem Tartrate (Ambien), Alprazolam (Xanax), Diazepam (Valium), and Pentobarbital Sodium (Nembutal). 

These types of drugs are becoming increasingly available, and as a result, addiction is also becoming prevalent. If this addiction inflicts you, contact us, and we can arrange the best programs for you.

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Eating Disorder Treatment

Bulimia Treatment

In this modern and superficial world we live in; bulimia is becoming widely prevalent. However, it remains highly misunderstood. Many people think it is a result of obsession over thinness, food or body weight, but the core issue is often mental and emotional.

It occurs predominantly among women and girls and is a manifestation of the desire to achieve control and power over their life. This condition has various consequences. The devastating purge and binge behaviour causes dangerous emotional, physical and mental health problems and completely sucks the life out of the individual.

We provide you with the industry's leading specialists, health experts and medical providers for bulimia treatment. We employ a multi-pronged approach to unravel the core issues of your condition thoroughly.

Anorexia Treatment

Anorexia is a condition that can have a devastating outcome if left untreated. It can engulf your whole life and affect your day-to-day activities. It seriously harms your self-image and the way you view the world around you.

In our London Clinic, anorexia treatment is carefully crafted to ensure that it does not deal with only the issues but also on you as an individual. The treatment mainly targets every aspect of who you are and carefully inspects the condition and items that led to the development of this condition in you. After that, our comprehensive program will systematically remove the disorder from you.

Pica Treatment

Pica disorder means that affected people often consume food that has minimal or zero nutritional value. It triggers a behaviour where they are addicted to eating items like household materials, paper, chalk, dirt, clay, etc. which can be dangerous to health. 

If you suffer from this condition, it can lead to numerous other health problems like dental issues, liver damage, parasitic infections, toxicity, malnutrition, bowel obstruction, etc. The condition can only worsen over time and require prompt intervention.

Effective Pica treatment must include complete knowledge of the affected person's health issues. At our luxurious centre, we carefully formulate effective and specialized treatments centred around your unique needs and requirements for optimal outcome.

Overeating Treatment

Overeating disorder often includes mental and emotional issues. To deal with their underlying problems, people often turn to excessive eating, which then develops into a behaviour that is way beyond their control. Trying to manage their complicated feelings, they end up creating a much bigger problem. 

Compulsive eating is a manifestation of the affected person to deal with their inadequacy or shame or to fill a void inside. Eventually, this develops into a dangerous cycle that cannot be stopped without professional intervention.

An effective overeating treatment program must carefully study the affected individual's entire history with compulsive eating and past addictive behaviour before incorporating treatment plans.

Our luxurious London centre provides a comprehensive treatment plan centred on you.

Obesity Treatment

It seems like clinical obesity is increasing rapidly with every passing year. It can lead to destructive consequences for the affected individuals. Excessive body weight does not only include physical effects but can equally be detrimental for mental, social and emotional well being.

It can additionally put the individual at a higher chance of other health problems like cancer, diabetes 2, heart disease, hypertension, and many other numerous physical disorders. Obese people are also affected continuously by self-image, insecurities, depression, while simultaneously being subjected to ridicule, rejection and societal isolation.

Our obesity treatment program in London incorporates a multi-pronged approach through a wide range of nutrition. We offer educational and therapeutic methods that vigorously work to help obese people achieve healthy weights and also promote mental and emotional stability.

Purging Disorder Treatment

Eating disorders like Purging are deadly and can lead to severe consequences. This disorder does not only lead to physical problems but can also devastate the mental health of the affected individuals. This is a condition that predominantly affects females.

Women inflicted with this disorder often resort to throwing up after a meal, or consume enemas, laxatives, or diuretics which can cause devastating health problems like dental issues, esophagus rips, metabolic disturbances, swollen salivatory glands, electrolytes imbalances, etc.

Obsession with attaining a perceived ideal weight or low self-esteem can often lead to this disorder. As of now, there is minimal purging disorder treatment, and many of them are ineffective.

However, in our state of the art rehab centre in London, you will find a very effective program incorporating medication, talk therapies, and nutrition counselling.

Suffering from an eating disorder? We will help you! Contact us!

Psychiatric and Psychological Problems

Mental health is just as important as any other part of your body. The mind is very delicate, and as such treating, it requires utmost attention and particular treatments to prevent any negative consequences. Psychiatric and psychological problems if left untreated can have dire consequences

At our centre, we provide world-class treatments for the following mental disorders.

Bipolar Disorder Treatment

This condition is complex and contains numerous symptoms. It can affect every aspect of your life, and the symptoms can be tough to manage without professional intervention. It is also a chronic condition, which means that it will last a lifetime. As of now, there is no cure, but the symptoms can be minimized to such an extent that they will hardly be noticeable. The sooner you seek professional help, the higher your chances of lessening the negative characteristics.

Our rehabs bipolar disorder treatment follows a multi-pronged approach in understanding and effectively dealing with your issue.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

This condition is an unhealthy manifestation of fears or irrational thoughts that eventually leads to compulsive behaviours. It can devastate every aspect of the individual's life and limit them from carrying out their day to day activities. Obsessions can be of various categories pertaining to germs, numbers, violence, sex, etc.

The exact cause of this condition has still not been ascertained, making treatment very difficult. However, our obsessive-compulsive disorder treatment has been carefully structured and formulated to minimize the condition as much as possible. If left untreated, it can eventually become chronic. Through a multi-faceted method, we offer you the help you deserve.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD manifests when the individual fails to recover from a traumatic incident. It often includes symptoms such as severe anxiety, nightmares, and flashbacks. If left uncared for, PTSD can very often become dangerous and even lead to suicidal thoughts. It sucks the life out of the affected person and prevents them from carrying out their daily activities. It can engulf their whole life if left untreated.

Our post-traumatic stress disorder treatment includes an effective combination of medication, counselling, and psychotherapy to ensure that full positive results are produced. With our help, you don’t have to carry the burden of PTSD alone.

Depression Treatment

Depression is highly prevalent in this age. There are numerous causes, each unique to the individual. If you suffer from depression, it can slowly snowball into a much serious problem. It hinders you from living your life and can lead to the destruction of relationships as well. In severe circumstances, it can even lead to suicidal thoughts.

Depression often requires long term treatments. But with our luxurious London rehab centre depression treatment, we will provide you with all the help you need to get your life together. We utilize a method of psychotherapy and medication each uniquely tailored for every individual.

Work-Life Balance Challenges

For the busy individuals, maintaining a perfect balance over your work and life can be a daunting task and will lead to various psychological, emotional and mental health problems. This can hamper your personal life and work as well. Besides that, your busy schedule leaves you with little room for seeking intervention. We understand that!

Our treatment for work-life balance challenges is not only practical but highly customizable to suit your busy schedule and specific requirements. If you want to lift the burden of these challenges, contact us, and we will offer you unmatched services.

Coping With Stress

Almost every individual suffers from stress, and sometimes it can become a severe issue leading to mental, emotional, and physical problems. The cause of stress is different for every individual and can affect any age group. Stress symptoms must be promptly dealt with to prevent negative consequences.

An effective stress treatment should delve into the core of the issue and formulate a personalized treatment plan targeting these causes. With our rehab centre in London, we utilize a powerful combination of meditation, counselling, and psychotherapy to remove the stress in your life.

Burnout Recovery

If you suffer from prolonged and excessive stress, it can gradually develop into a burnout affecting your mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion. It can induce a feeling of being drained out. If left untreated, it can slowly engulf you and deteriorate your home, work and social life.

Modern life has become very demanding, and burnouts are becoming more prevalent. To help you set your life on the right and healthy path, our burnout treatments combine various methods to alleviate your stress levels. Additionally, our luxurious and soothing environment ensures that you recover fast.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)

BDD is a mental health issue often related to an obsession with minor physical flaws. As of now, no exact cause of the condition has been ascertained. The condition dominantly pertains to females. Every individual case is different and therefore, should include unique treatments.

Our body dysmorphic disorder treatment incorporates various effective methods like psychotherapy, meditation, and counselling tailored around your condition for achieving optimal results. Our experts will guide you through every step of your healing process. If you suffer from this condition, we are the place to visit.

Self-Harm Treatment

Self-harm is a very complicated condition, and often, patients do not even confide to their loved ones about their condition. It does not only cause bodily harm but can also lead to death if left untreated. Many times it is related to depression.

There is no single cause of self-harm, and similarly, there is no single treatment. The right self-harm treatment should properly evaluate the individual's mental health history and formulate a program centred around their issues. Understanding the cause before treatment is the ideal approach. Our program is effective, and 100% personalized for you. 

Trauma Treatment

Trauma is a devastating event that took place in your life and still causes stress to you today. It is often emotional and mental. It can induce a feeling of helplessness, and the sensation can be overwhelming even if there is no physical threat. This condition can drain the life out of the individual, preventing them from functioning correctly.

Without professional intervention, your condition might snowball into a more complicated issue. Therefore our trauma treatment is intelligently structured by specialists and experts to provide you with the best treatment possible and give you the life you deserve.

Anxiety Treatment

If you are characterized by an unhealthy or disproportionate level of anxiety, it becomes a medical disorder. Mild anxiety is not so dangerous, but if it develops into severe anxiety, it can destroy your everyday life.

When anxiety prevents you from carrying out your daily activities and engulfs your whole life, it can have serious consequences. It is better to seek professional intervention at the onset of symptoms for proper management. Our anxiety treatment studies every aspect of your life for the best program.

Chronic Pain Treatment

This condition can be very unsettling and can seep into all areas of your life, preventing you from carrying out even simple routine tasks. Despite popular belief, this condition can affect any age group. When you are hurting every day, the toll on your physical and mental health can be overwhelming.

This condition is often very challenging to treat, and the causes are numerous and can be both mental and physical. Seeking professional intervention can help you find practical solutions. Our chronic pain treatment is expertly formulated by trained professionals and is highly customizable.

Suffering from a psychiatric condition? We will help you! Contact us!

Addictive Behavior Treatment

Gambling Addiction

When you become obsessed with gambling, you might be suffering from a behavioural addiction. There are numerous avenues of gambling, and it is not only confined to slot machines. Gambling addiction can not only ruin the individual’s mental and emotional state but can bring financial destruction, sabotaging relationships in the process. The individual may become so engrossed that they cannot concentrate on anything else.

With our specialized and personalized treatment programs, you will receive the care and treatment needed to overcome this addiction.

Sex Addiction or Compulsivity

Sex addiction is often controversial and pertains to an unhealthy obsession with sexual activity. Sex is often resorted to in order to hide or forget bigger underlying issues. It is quite similar to alcohol use, and if left untreated, it can invite negative consequences and a higher chance of contracting STDs.

It is an addiction, like any other and can be very difficult to overcome. In fact, you might not even be aware that you are addicted to sex. Sex/Compulsivity treatment requires personalized and specialized programs which our rehab centre in London is well known for.

Internet Porn Addiction or Compulsivity

With porn so easily available on the internet, addiction to it is increasingly becoming common. Though it may not be hazardous, it is still an addiction and requires professional intervention. The individual becomes concerned with nothing else other than their porn consumption.

There is no single defined approach, and so internet porn addiction/compulsivity requires a proper understanding of the individual's behaviour and past addictions. Step into our centre in London and find out how you can benefit from our programs.

Video Gaming Addiction

In recent years we have seen a massive surge in youngsters addicted to video games. It may seem subtle, but the consequences are equally as dangerous as any other addiction. Forcing individuals to quit their gaming addictions have often invited violent reactions. The individuals become so engrossed that it completely overtakes their day to day life. Although this condition predominantly affects young men, all age and gender groups can be affected as well.

Video gaming addiction is an entirely new condition, and most centres are ill-equipped to treat this disorder. Step into our luxurious rehab centre in London, and you will receive the best treatment.

Love Addiction or Compulsivity

Love is often a positive characteristic, but an excess of it can often lead to behavioural problems. Love addiction is seldom known or talked about, but it is also an addiction like any other. People suffering from this condition usually have a compulsive desire to be in love or a relationship which can be very unhealthy and destructive. It often arises from underlying mental and psychological issues. 

The cause of this condition is unique in every individual, which is why a treatment for love addiction/compulsivity should render specific care and approach. If you have this condition, you will benefit tremendously from our rehab centre in London.

Other Behavioral Addictions

These are not the only types of behavioural addictions, and there seems to be a constant rise in this category of addiction. New addictions seem to arise every day. We treat many other behavioural addictions such as internet addiction, plastic surgery addiction, shopping addiction, dangerous behaviour addiction, etc. Behavioural addiction is very complex and requires specific treatments.

Our rehab centre in London provides you with very useful and 100% customizable programs to meet your requirements. We work tirelessly to offer you only the best and most effective treatment plans.

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